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Your business shouldn't just been seen as a passive entity but a living, breathing lifeform with employees, capital and data constantly flowing through its system; and like any form of life, it's imperative that you monitor its health, ensuring that all the components that make up your organisation are functioning as optimally as they should be. This is your creation, write its story.


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Calculate and present your data using visually impressive interactive charts and graphs


Use a gap analysis approach to compare your business against best in class


Control and report the status of your TPM activities on business critical machinery

Quality Wall

Measure and analyse your inspection data in real-time simultaneously assisting with root-cause problem solving

Admin Tools

Manage access by logging user activity, managing permissions and customising POET features

Action Plan

Prevent reoccurances through root-cause analysis using a collaborative approach


Real-time WIP status reporting and output target tracking via POET's traffic light system


Maintain control over your critical areas & processes, help improve organisation and standardisation



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Extra Features

Mobile Friendly

Don't have a laptop handy? No problem. The POET web application is fully compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets ensuring that all your data is available as and when you need it


Whether you're lounging on the sofa, at your office desk, sat in a meeting or relaxing in a hammock on a well deserved holiday in the Bahamas - as long as you have internet and an internet-connected device, POET will be right by your side


We know how much we value our data and similarly, every effort is made to ensure that your company data is protected to the very same standard we would expect of our own.


POET isn't just a product, it's a service; and like any high-quality service, we commit to providing all the support you require. Confused about a feature? File a ticket! Need emergency aid? Give us a call! And in addition to live support, we will continue to develop and provide in-depth documentation for all of POET's modules and features.

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