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Operational Excellence

Organisations that have successfully implemented Operational Excellence follow a well-defined Strategy and Operational Planning & Deployment Process that ensures collaboration and alignment among the different parts of the organisation; and effectively links strategic and operational objectives, initiatives and execution.

Much of this management philosophy is based on earlier continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Thinking, Six Sigma and Kaizen. The focus of Operational Excellence goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement, instead towards a long-term change in organisational culture.

Productivity + Processes + People = Profits

To that end, we at Probe believe that we have identified the difference between the successful implementers of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement and those who fail. In almost every instance, where we have seen companies who have turned their back on modern methodologies, the root cause is that the building blocks to achieve sustainability have not been put in place. To be more specific a clear end vision and scope has not been set, processes have not been developed to support operational changes and data measurement and monitoring methods have not been established to report adherence and performance. This can often be attributed to individuals throughout the organisation not understanding what good looks like.