We strongly believe that all training should have a positive impact on your bottom line. By investing in training that is aligned to your business objectives, company performance will be greatly improved.

At Probe, we deliver practical training solutions that meet the specific needs of your Business. We offer training in all of the manufacturing operations core tools and work with the shop-floor through to senior management. Probe work with both industry and academia to give a practical understanding of the training we provide. We apply our training to your products and processes so that our practices have in instant impact on your operation. Furthermore, we will continue to support and mentor you through the implementation phases to ensure effective knowledge transfer.

People are our greatest asset and like any asset it needs care, maintenance and continuous improvement to be at its best.

A motivated workforce tends to work more efficiently. In trying times, investing in the continued professional development of your employees not only equips them to perform better but stimulates behaviour, influencing engagement in, and even leading improvement projects.