Agile resource assistance through Third-party skills & Task based support.

Key skills have become harder to find, and as a third-party skills provider we have stepped up to fill the void. Probe offer services from advisory to full or part-time placement in manufacturing functions such as quality, production, engineering, safety, and maintenance. As companies drive to improve productivity, effective agile resource planning can have a significant benefit on streamlining headcount and thus improving your business productivity. Engaging with Probe as a key partner to provide third party skills only when they are needed will ensure you always have access to the appropriate resources across all functions. We like to look at it as offering companies strength in depth.

Manufacturers that use a higher percentage of 3rd parties are more likely to have higher productivity, revenue and margin. Manufacturing Ecosystems - The Future of Manufacturing by Russ Rasmus & Jeff McKnney, 2017.

There are many activities which need to be performed within organisations which are a bolt-on to somebody’s every day function. These can be things like calibration, internal or process auditing, IMDS, warranty analysis, or annual tear down; these are often business critical and even legislative requirements, but because they aren’t core tasks, they often slip between the cracks. Outsourcing these tasks to Probe is an assured way of protecting your business and avoiding any awkward audit findings or worse, operational failure and customer dissatisfaction.

Probe offer flexible rapid response Third Party Containment Inspection services. We provide a wide range of Sorting and Inspection support at your plant or at your customer's location. Our goal is to stop the flow of non-conforming parts and assist you in implementing effective containment as quickly as possible, usually within 2 hours of being called. Partnering with Probe to integrate with your manufacturing, quality and engineering functions allows an organization to easily adapt to the peaks and troughs within their operation. We like to call our services “pay as you go engineering”.