Establishing and maintaining certified management systems is a critical business decision whatever the size of your company. Many organisations in a wide variety of sectors are strengthening their position in the marketplace through structured, documented and audited systems.

As summarised below, there are three key internationally recognised system standards to ensure your company operates robust business processes; delivering increased client satisfaction, target driven continual improvement, environmental and safety compliance and a framework for business growth and employee development.

ISO 9001 is a business management system which helps organisations develop processes to ensure customer focus, quality assured products or services, supplier assessment and monitoring, robust design and development protocols as well as setting out a common systematic approach to management.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management standard which ensures organisations identify and manage the significant impacts of its operations on the environment; through legal compliance, emergency preparedness and the monitoring of energy and resource consumption.

ISO 45001 is an occupational health and safety management standard which ensures organisations safeguard their employees and affected persons through the identification and management of risks and hazards with appropriate control measures.

Regardless of sector, size, structure or maturity, organisations need to establish appropriate management systems in order to be successful. We help organisations do this by measuring where they are on the path to excellence; helping them understand the gaps, stimulate solutions and implement actions.

It is increasingly becoming a requisite in the tendering process for new business and is often an obligation or expectation in many industry sectors as certification gives you commercial advantage over your competitors.

There are many benefits to implementing compliant systems, these include:

  • Improved legal compliance
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Target driven continual improvement
  • Improved productivity, less waste through better use of resources
  • Managed employee training and competence

How we can help!

  1. Probe will conduct a gap analysis of your business processes against any of the standards
  2. Probe will provide an accurate quote based on your business size and complexity, for the development of a compliant Management System
  3. Probe will prepare your business for certification to the appropriate standard(s)
  4. Once you have successfully been certified, Probe can assist with the maintenance of your system to ensure on-going compliance
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