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Operational Excellence

Our Programme

Our three-phase Operational Excellence programme delivers both short and long-term productivity improvements by assessing organisations, identifying and targeting the specific areas in need of improvement. The programme has been developed over twelve years and covers all areas of the business from Supply Chain to Leadership and Manufacturing.

Productivity + Processes + People = Profits

The programme is structured into three phases...

Phase 1

The diagnostic

Our Operational Excellence Diagnostic covers all areas of the business from supply chain to leadership.
  • Production Process
  • Quality Focus
  • Inventory & Supply
  • Product/Process Definition
  • Leadership
  • Workplace Organisation
  • Teamwork, Empowerment & Culture
  • Continuous Improvement

Phase 2

Coaching & Results

A 12-week programme focused on implementing a comprehensive 10-point plan that addresses the issues and areas in need of improvement and identified in Phase 1. The goal of this phase is to tackle the vital few areas that are having the biggest overall impact on your bottom-line. In doing so, we lay the foundations, create new or improve on existing key performance indicators (KPIs), ensure employee buy-in at all levels and earn some inital 'quick wins' to provide an early return on investment ahead of Phase 3.

Phase 3

Mentoring, Training & Results

A 12-month (minimum), far-reaching programme consisting of 5 subphases - Foundations, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Maturity and Excellence.

By pulling together the advancements made from the introduction of new tools and techniques... this phase has been carefully designed to develop and improve workplace culture, identify key individuals, train personnel and provide new skills and align the overall business strategy to daily objectives.
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